Opening Night, Friday 17th August 2007, 6.30 – 8.30pm

The juxtaposing works of Brett Hill & Philip Berry will cover the walls of Elements Art Gallery from Friday 17th – 31st August.

Brett Hill has changed the conceptual nature of his work since last year, and has created two series of works for his current exhibition, ‘Modern Times’. One series features a selection of faceless and corrupt businessmen occupying the picture plane with backs to the viewer. As they peer off into the desolate void (a void without morals, emotions or ethics) we are confronted by their reality. Figures uneasily exit the work and the businessmen’s excuses (for their behavior) are indelibly written on the front of the work and forever in a viewer’s mind. The inspiration for this body of work lies in the actions of these faceless and corrupt businessmen, the lies they tell and the excuses they make for their behavior. These actions, the artist claims, have a close resemblance to the confessions of war criminals and as such many of these works are oppressive, dark and foreboding but expertly executed in Hill’s signature style.

In the second series Hill has revisited the notion of landscape with a set of works that feature na�ve and uneasily placed incongruent shapes, figures of men, lone hills and all manner of exciting animals. These images are intriguing but they are somewhat uncomfortable to view, perhaps because they contain fragments from the great masters; the morphed shapes of Bacon, the isolation of Drysdale, the incongruent figures of di Chirico. One thing has remained the same though, that being Hill’s expressive and unique style.

In contrast Philip Berry remains true to his award winning style and subject matter.

The work for his current exhibition, ‘Lowlands’, includes a series of impressionistic scenes from and around Ludlow (halfway between Busselton and Capel and close to the coast). Ludlow, in the artist’s words ‘is very flat and low lying geographically’. It is also the site of the only remaining Tall Tuart Forest, in the world, and used to be a timber town before the timber industries closure in the area. Much of the area surrounding Ludlow is now used for farming and as such many of Berry’s works feature paddocks, clay beds, beaches and the occasional vase of flowers. The work often contains a human or animal element, in the form of a man in the distance or the artist’s dog. These inclusions only add to the feeling of nostalgia in the work, as if time has no essence in the surrounds of Ludlow.

Opening times for the gallery: Tue/Wed 12-5, Wed/Thu 10-6, Sat/Sun 11-4.