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Posted September 20, 2017 No comments |roman shades

Roman Shades: The Lightest Window Solution

Fabric roman shades add a touch of refinement, flair and sophistication to any room. You can buy a ready-to-use set of Roman shades or you can create them from scratch in any fabric and size that you like. You can hang Roman shades flat for a more modern style, or fold them and create a […]

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Posted September 19, 2017 No comments |window blinds

Window Blinds for Your Home Protection

Window blinds are the coverings used for the windows to give shade and privacy to your place, generally attached to the interior side of the window. The good thing about using these blinds, is that you can control the amount of light coming in simply by adjusting the blinds. Types of window blinds: Window blinds […]

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Posted September 18, 2017 No comments |awnings

Awnings Are Awesome

Awnings are coverings attached to the external walls of a building for providing covering over an area and is occasionally used as a signboard or billboard. They are used for protection against sunlight, rain, snow and wind and are generally attached over windows, doors and sidewalks. By using poles for support awnings can be stretched […]

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